Spicy and toning infusion that stimulates metabolism, for those who want to purify themselves and shine; 100% natural ingredients, to drink hot or cold, round and aromatic taste.

OSTINATO herbal teas are based on our strong ties with our territory, the Italian Apennines, and its native herbs.

Our herbal tea GRACE has been characterised as an Apennine chai because of its distinguished spicy flavour. Its blend is inspired by pleasant mid-season walks in the Apennines, and by the crisp, scented air that envelops and restores us. These are unique moments in which a feeling of light beauty prevails (GRACE).

For this herbal tea we have selected only herbs with digestive (stomach and carminative) properties, capable of giving you the feeling of lightness. An amber coloured herbal tea, with a warm and enveloping scent, and with a sparkling and strong taste. GRACE is rich in herbs with anti-inflammatory, draining properties, which help reduce blood sugar and promote good digestion. The juniper berries, so widespread in our Apennines, are enhanced by the flavour of star anise and liquorice root, while fennel seeds and lemon balm leaves close and round off this mixture. This herbal tea is a unique elixir both in the morning to prepare us for the day with a burst of aromas, and after meals.

Our herbs are processed in Italy, come from controlled and certified crops and do not undergo any chemical treatment to keep the active ingredients unchanged. They are developed in collaboration with Solimè, Italian leader in the production of phytotherapeutic products in accordance with the herbalist tradition.


– Finocchio

– Anice stellato

– Liquirizia

– Radice

– Ginepro

– Bacche, melissa