Balsamic and reconstituent infusion, for those who want to relax and regenerate; 100% natural ingredients, to drink hot or cold, sweet and aromatic taste.

OSTINATO herbal teas are based on our strong ties with our territory, the Italian Apennines and its native herbs.

Our herbal tea WOOD is inspired by the enveloping scents of the Apennine woods. For this herbal tea we have selected bark, berries and herbs with balsamic, soothing and stimulating properties, beneficial to the respiratory and circulatory system. An amber coloured herbal tea with an aromatic scent and a sweet and delicate taste.

WOOD is rich in herbs with fluidifying and healing properties, which help to decongest the body and mind, promoting general well-being. Cypress berries and pine buds sweeten the unique flavours of the bark, which are further rounded off by mint and lemon balm. This herbal tea is a unique elixir both in the morning for those looking for a feeling of calm, and during the day to regenerate and give yourself a moment to get away from the daily frenzy.

Our herbs are processed in Italy, come from controlled and certified crops and do not undergo any chemical treatment to keep the active ingredients unchanged. They are developed in collaboration with Solimè, Italian leader in the production of phytotherapeutic products in accordance with the herbalist tradition.


– Menta

– Cannella

– Corteccia

– Bacche

– Cipresso

– Pino

– Gemme

– Melissa