Ostinata is not only about having a specific perspective, it is also an approach, a way of doing things, a way to make gin, to cook, to host, and to cultivate.

It is a standpoint for us and for you.

Ostinato is a way of life where time, things and people take on a certain value, not new, not old, but authentic.

Ostinato means being connected with nature and persistently following its rhythms. It means having a tenacious bond with our territory.
Ostinato is also a way of being, where what matters is the essence of things. Being direct, a little stubborn, but with the warmth of someone who does things with passion, truthfully, and without compromising on quality. Ostinato is a standpoint for you and for us.



Ostinato produces several products. While these are diverse, they are linked together by our philosophy of how to do things and are tied together by the territory.

Casa Ostinato produces gin, herbal tea, and olive oil, with cheese and much more to come. Our aspiration is a free-fire restaurant, where local products will be cooked, and where the menu will be dictated by the seasons and by nature. Our vision of hospitality is for our guests to experience living in symbiosis with nature. We work the land by hand in full respect of the ecosystem, to obtain the best quality and produce sustainably.

Ostinato is located in the Italian Apennines with their prism of color, flavors and aromas, which we distill in our products, in our seasonal cuisine, and in our hospitality. Ostinato is divided between the Emilian Apennines with characteristic places such as the Bismantova stone and the Umbrian Apennines with its gentle slopes of centuries-old olive groves.

Future perspectives

Determined to live in the present and looking into the future.

Casa Ostinato has taken its first steps with producing two Gins, Floral and Ostinato, and three herbal teas, Glow, Woods and Grace.

Gin elevates our passion for spirits and allows us to utilise the richness of the territory. They are made with original recipes that in a modern way revisits the ancient traditions of collecting and using wild herbs to produce alcohol. Our herbal teas are likewise based on herbs from our territory in the Italian Apennines, while our olive oil comes from our territory in Umbria.

We are planning to add cheese to our products, while catering and hospitality will be another addition to our project in the future. Stay tuned to follow us in our journey!